7 Ways Net Nanny Can Help You and Your Kids


The Internet is a place where everyone is vulnerable.  Both parents and kids are exposed to different kind of hazards such as exposure to foul languages, nudity, perversion, exploitation, and addiction.   Thus, parents are wary on their kids’ online behaviour.  Fortunately, there are programs and applications that help parents regulate children’s online exposure in terms of time and content.  Net Nanny is described as the best parental software in the market today.  There are seven ways which the software can help parents and especially kids address negative exposure and influence in the Internet.

Net Nanny Features

The seven outstanding features of this software are the ways which it can help people regulate Internet time and exposure for the kids.

    1. It is easy to install – It has no complicated installation procedures that even people with minimal knowledge on computers can install it easily.  It can even be installed on multiple computers as it allows configuration to be used in other computers, thus, you do not have to configure settings repeatedly.
    2. It is easy to use – The software immediately operates as soon as installation is done.  Now, when you want to be more rigid in terms of control, you can actually reset settings using the User Control Panel and Family Control Settings.  All you have to do is click on desired level and categories.
    3. It has filtering controls that enables to block porn materials and sites, hide foul and swear language, and undesirable content such as drugs, smoking, and alcohol.  In addition, it also helps kids and parents in maintaining discipline with online time.
    4. It helps discipline kids – It has a time management features that regulates Internet time.  All you have to do is to establish time limits per each member of the family to use the Internet.
    5. It has filtering mechanisms – Parents can gain control of what their kids are allowed to see.  And there is more, the settings are so rigid that similar software will find it difficult to crack Net Nanny software and overwrite and take control.
    6. It helps parents monitor networking activities of their children – It has social networking monitoring mechanisms where parents can view social network accounts and activities of their kids.  It also has IM and Chat Room monitoring capabilities where Net Nanny gives report on chat room messages and activities of their children.
    7. It has a technical support team where parents can ask further queries about parental control and on how to maximize use of the Net Nanny software.

Net Nanny Cost and Returns Policy

For some, the cost of buying the Net Nanny software might be expensive depending on the version and operating system requirements. The price ranges from less than $20 up to more than $50.  Card payments are accepted when you purchase online.  However, Net Nanny will only entertain returns if is due to order processing error.  Content errors are responsibility of the buyer.

You do not need to have multiple programs and software when you want parental control over Internet usage.  Net Nanny covers everything from time management to filtering mechanisms.  No wonder it is a multi-awarded software in the market today.

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