Apple Developing Holographic Display


It was 2010 when Apple, the monumental designer and creator of Mac laptops, iPod, iTunes, and the revolutionary iPhone declared to introduce three dimensional technologies. True to its word, 3D technology and the famous 3D glasses emerged on the market and the impact was huge.

In 3D concept, the frames of 3D glasses split the image into two, one for each eye, so it would appear that the picture is being seen from different angles, giving the illusion that the image is three dimensional.

Apple declared that by 2015, 3D eyeglasses will be replaced by holographic technology. Recently, Apple indeed earned the patent. It is anticipated that this will be the door that will definitely change the history of mankind.

 “This patent assumes the responsibility of the development of holographic technology that still will utilize the three dimensional concept to track simultaneous movements in a specific positions of their eyes so that the direction of the display of the image will be emitted on the screen to ensure that the picture remains to be three dimensional without the use of the 3D eyeglass.

Holographic technology will depend on a dotted screen with small pixel-sized domes those images taken from slightly different angles into the right and left eye of the one viewing it. This will then create deflect images that seems to be holographic because of the ability to track the observers movements,” as quoted from the Telegraph.

Imagine how you would see the movements of the person you will talk to in a 3D hologram image, just like the Star Wars movie and other sci-fi thrillers.


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