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Before printing materials were invented and created, there was oral tradition.  Even after books and other printed items were in vogue, telling stories continues.  All people love to hear stories, however, the times are changing that hearing stories from grandmothers and others or reading stories from books and etc. have dwindled.  More people are busy with numerous activities that opportunities to read and listen to stories are decreasing.  It is great that technology is also catching up to give people a chance to listen to stories.  This is the premise of Features

The site is a multi-media seller of stories, information, and news.  When you subscribe to this site, you can access and purchase tons of your favorite books in audio form, listen to radio shows, podcasts, and hear great speeches from current crop of leaders and motivational speakers.

The device center is very helpful as you can download software and applications relevant with your mobile and computing device.  You can download software that is intended specifically for Windows, Mac, IPhone, Android, or Berry Phones. Thus, you will have access to resources and library anytime and anywhere.  You can download audio books for example whenever Wi-Fi is available.

The gift center is an interesting aspect of this site.  You can send your family and friends a membership access on this site or you can send them any of the books and related audio items.  One of the most wonderful features offered in the gift center is that there is no expiration date as to when the audio gift or membership can be claimed.

Audible Membership

Currently, membership fee is only $7.99 dollars and is good for three months. As a member, you are entitled for one audio book of your choice as your purchase.  In addition, you get to enjoy perks such as news updates from the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal fed directly to your gadget.  You also get to enjoy exclusive deals, special offers, discounts, and freebies with your membership.  There is no lock in period for the membership, thus, you can cancel anytime you want to.  For the audible free trial check audible promo codes.

Customer Service

If you want more details regarding a specific author or subject, you can email through web addresses that they have provided in the ‘contact us’ section of the page.  You can even talk to one of their representatives just by dialing the numbers provided in the 24/7 phone support section.  You can also use snail mail if you want to contact them using their physical address.  The site also provides online addresses where their partners and affiliates can contact them.  If you are looking for a job, do not worry, just click on careers and you will find where to contact for job opportunities.

As a whole, Audible is a complete shop for audio book lovers.  It has made available audio software you need, membership payment that you can afford, books you want, and discounts or promotions you can take advantage of to enjoy their extensive library of books and information available online.

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