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Tips and Resources on how to save when shopping online.


Looking for the perfect sitter? Sittercity sitters have background checks, references and parent reviews. For the next two months, Sittercity offers parents a 20% off discount for new memberships by using sittercity promo code.

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Promo codes bring together the convenience of online shopping with the savings of old-fashioned coupon clipping. In other words, they’re an online shopper’s dream.

Unfortunately, finding high-value promo codes isn’t quite as easy as typing in “promo codes” into your favorite search engine and grabbing a fistful of money-saving coupons. With thousands of coupon code websites, each offering stacks of promo codes, sifting through them can be a tedious and time consuming experience. Continue reading »


Rodney Yee yoga for beginners:  Rodney talks about yoga poses as the tools and instruments:

Check FREE 10 day Trial to the Gaiam Yoga Studio. Enjoy the benefits of a yoga studio at home with one-on-one instruction from yoga expert, Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman.