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For those who are into stuff only science fiction has, then, you are in for a surprise with  You will be amazed that voice recognition is more advanced and is helping individuals, professionals, and companies improve their work and life. is a speech recognition software online seller.  Its Dragon voice recognition software has improved the way clients use computer and it has never been easier.  This software allows you to utilize your voice and to create and edit files such as documents, emails, launch applications, open files and folders, and mouse control, just to name a few. Features

The site is very user friendly, it will only require a few clicks when you want to browse and learn about their products and services.  The site has separate tabs for individual, company, and medical users.  Thus, you know where to click easily for details about the Dragon software.  In addition, each tab has individual sections; explore by industry, solutions, and by products.  For the health care section, it has sections where you can learn more about voice recognition solutions in the medical field.

Site Design

It is easy to maneuver and images are limited in the upper portion of the page.  It slides one image after the other at a relaxed pace.  Meaning, you won’t get to click back and forth to see what the slide is all about.  It only uses a few colors, thus, it is easy to read everything on the page.  The overall look is not too professional or too simple.  This is appropriate considering the fact that the products they sell need pushing.

Store Features

Interestingly, the store tab text is not highlighted prompting users and clients to believe that the site is purely about information related to voice recognition software.  In addition, you won’t see price and dollar signs on different pages unless you click on individual product icons.  The products are categorized into two sections for PC and for Mac.


In relation to store features, you will know why you won’t see dollar signs and prices on main pages.  This is because their products are really expensive.  Thus, the default page and other pages are exclusive on explaining different features, advantages, and benefits of the products they are selling.  Their products have prices ranging anywhere from $49.99 up to $499.99.  It is quite clear considering that the technology is still something new.

Support Features

There are four ways offers customer support.  One is through their main office by calling them on the numbers provided.  Second, you can use a live chat from one of their sales representative to help decide on products that you need.  Third, you can reach them through email.  Fourth, you can visit their physical stores located in several countries, so that you can inspect better their products.

Its focus on product descriptions serves right for the site.  It is really helpful and customers will not get the shock of their life when they get to know how much the products will cost.

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