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As the world turns everyday, our daily lives are getting more exposed to compromise.  The threats of any untoward incidents such as kidnapping, theft or robbery, terrorism and etc. are increasing.  Thus, we are lucky that technological advances are always available right now to prevent these threats. The only problem that we have then is finding the right provider to help us choose the right security and surveillance products. Continue reading »


Brickhouse Security has the latest in Surveillance, GPS Tracking, Spy Gear, Security Cameras, Counter Surveillance, Child Safety & more!

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  • Save Over 30% Off the Screaming Laptop Lock : Dorm life is stressful enough for your child without having to worry about private property being stolen or tampered with. The Mini Lock Alarm is the perfect companion to any laptop computer with a security slot. All you need to do is plug the slot adapter into a notebook computer, set the three-digit security code, and it’s fully protected. Continue reading »