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Front Heeled Shoes: The Craziest Footwear Ever?

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It is not exactly a secret that many women’s high-end shoes are hard to navigate in. As many ladies have discovered, having a few drinks on a night out whilst sporting a vertiginously high pair of heels can making walking impossible.

Christian Louboutin himself has often said that a woman’s comfort is the least of his worries when designing his heels and this credos seems to have been accepted by many designers who make walking upright in a pair of shoes incredibly difficult.

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Before we start with the review here’s a joke for you.  A baby centipede asked his mom to buy him shoes, and the mother collapsed.  For those who need details as to why the mom collapsed, of course, you can just imagine how many pairs of shoes her baby centipede wants.  Now, if only the mother centipede knows about, she will not faint, she would have the baby centipede browses the site instead.

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