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Fashion is always changing.  What is fashionable right now may be a thing of the past a few days ahead.  Online shops and stores are always on the lookout for trends and have these items available and displayed.  JimmyJazz was founded based on this idea twenty years ago. The founder saw a market and need among your urban people in New York and pronto! He built the first store in New York.  Right now, there are several stores located in the eastern states of America.  It has also invaded online shopping by putting up a website.  Now, as fashion conscious individuals, how do you stay hip and cool all the time?

JimmyJazz.com Features

Based on the images presented on the online page, you will know that the store caters to young adult to adult who wants to be hip and cool.  The site has three categories to browse from: men, women, and footwear.  If you are men looking for some fashion sense, you will not be disappointed as it has a wide selection on popular footwear brands.  It also sells head to toe garments and accessories and it even has options for big and tall guys.

Women will also enjoy shopping at JimmyJazz online as it covers everything on what women want when it comes to being hip and cool.  It sells several types of footwear and accessories that will complement her from head to toe. If she is quite big and plump, no worries, the site has several items for large women too.

If you are brand conscious, you won’t be disappointed as the online store offers popular brands like  Adidas, Zana Di,  Apple Bottoms, Baby Phat, Levis, Nike, Bogs, Jordan, Puma, Reebok, Ecko, and Mekka Femme, just to name some of them.  What is even more interesting is that you will find it easier to shop by clicking on the “shop by brand” button and you will see a brand.

Jimmy Jazz Price and Payment

The items that the store sells are priced reasonably well.  You have choices of products from different brands that are priced anywhere from less than $10.00 up to over a hundred dollars.  In addition, there is a possibility that you can get lower prices once you inquire from the customer service department and inform them that you saw a similar item from other shops with lower prices. Also, you can save with Jimmy Jazz promo codes.

Payment is not a problem when you shop at JimmyJazz online.  It accepts credit cards like American Express and VISA.  In addition, they also sell gift certificates which you can give as gifts for your family and friends to shop at JimmyJazz.

JimmyJazz Customer Service

Even though they don’t have a customer support online or in physical stores, browsing their FAQ’s section feels like talking to one.   It has a very extensive frequently asked questions section that covers everything you want to know from ordering, returns policy, promotions, shipment, and etc.

Jimmyjazz is definitely a place to shop when you want to be hip and cool.  The online page is so customer friendly that you won’t be intimidated browsing on their pages to look and buy for something that you really need.

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