Five Cool Kitchen Gadgets


With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s often difficult to pick out that perfect gift. Many people begin to panic as the countdown clock nears zero. Their pursuit of great gifts often adds an unnecessary anxiety to the holiday season.

Thanks to the Internet, great gifts are just a few clicks away. In fact, the Internet is practically a storehouse of ingenious inventions and ideas. One of the most popular and appreciated categories of invention is kitchen appliances. Although some may think appliances make for very dreary gifts, but a few minutes of casual searching leads to a far different conclusion. There are countless amazing kitchen gadgets to buy for the aspiring chef in your life.

The Toaster that Lets you See your Toast

There are plenty of people who wonder what sort of sorcery happens when you plop your bread in the toaster. Of course, for some this turns out to be very dark sorcery. Many people inadvertently burn their toast to a charred crisp. This gadget suits both purposes: you finally learn the simple magic behind chemically transmuted bread and you get to eat it without choking on ash.

The Table-Top Vacuum

After the meal is over, it’s not uncommon for people to sigh at the mounds of fresh crumbs on the dinner table. For most, it’s a simple measure of swiping it off and letting it fall to the floor. For those who prefer their bugs and roaches outside the kitchen, they may try to diligently scoop it up. Instead, you could just buy a Table-Top Vacuum. These small, handheld vacuums suck away all of the excess crumbs after a meal. Thus reducing the time spent cleaning and worrying about pests in your home.

Musical Wine Glasses

Although admittedly low tech, these prove that innovative gadgets don’t need to be encumbered by technology. Everyone has seen the singing wine glass trick. Simply roll a moist finger around the edges of the glass and it sings for you. The only problem (for some of the more obsessive individuals) is that it’s not an exact science. Rather, it wasn’t until now. These glasses come with helpful markings to tell you when your hitting an A or a G sharp.

3-in-1 Breakfast Station

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. At the very least, it’s in the top three. It needs to be given proper consideration. Unfortunately, many people simply don’t have time to construct that perfectly nutritious breakfast. They don’t want to dash to the coffee machine before swiveling to flip their eggs. And if you want toast, you’ll be too distracted by watching it through the see through toaster (above) to do any of it. Fortunately, expedience meets breakfast. The 3-in-1 Breakfast Station includes a coffee maker, a toaster (yes, you can still watch the bread toast), and a small station for eggs.

Onion Goggles

Most people are aware of the fact that onions release an irritating compound that makes us all look like sentimental ninnies. There’s a number of panaceas out there to stop the waterworks. The problem is that many of them are either too complicated or too awkward to try. Fortunately, the Onion Goggles act as an impregnable shield. Now you won’t have to worry about tears as you cook.

Tyson is a Chef at Deckhouse Woolwich Restaurant in Sydney, Australia. Tyson loves gadgets and is always looking for quirky new gadgets to use in the kitchen. These are some of his favorite.

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